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Tue, Jun. 28th, 2005, 08:27 am
lil_blue_monkey: let's try this again

Well now, it's been a while since I've posted anything here. Things have been hectic and tiring...and even discouraging at times since we last talked. Family members (including myself) have been sick and some even requiring surgery. People I held close and dear to my heart hurt me through words and actions (yes, sticks and stones may break my bones and words can hurt bad, too!). Through all this, I made one mistake - I forgot to ask God for help!

I let it all just eat me up and I never asked God to help take away my problems...BIG mistake! I asked Him every night to watch over my family, to help me be the best mom and daughter to my family. I asked him to help me pass a test. I asked for a whole bunch of "stuff" to happen, but never for Him to reach into my life and pull out the weeds as you would a garden! That is, until this morning.

Funny thing happened on the way to waking up this morning...my bed broke! About 2 weeks ago I got a new bed from my grandparets. Alright, it's not new...it was my mother's growing up. It's a full size (I was sleeping on a twin) and I have always loved the headboard. But I noticed something as we were putting it together...the base is made of old 2x4's! besides the little hooks that attach the side rail supports to the head and foot boards, the whole thing was made of wood! And I noticed something else...there was a lot of give in these old boards. But, my grandfather had used the bed for the last 12 months, and it was my mother's bed when she was in college, so I thought nothing of it (besides, what do I know about bed construction?).

Well, this morning, the little hook thing at the head of the bed, on the side my alarm clock is on...it ripped right out of the railing! Of course, this didn't just happen...it happened as I was reaching to turn off the alarm clock...so down I went, grabbing on to what ever I could (which happened to be a glass of tea from last night). Tea went EVERYWHERE, my heart was pounding harder than it ever has, and I was suddenly afraid to move for fear something else could happen.

As soon as I realized all was ok, I wasn't hurt, the pets weren't under my bed at the time (that's their new hiding place...), i calmed down and immediatly stoped to Thank God! I thanked Him that it happened when my daughter wasn't sitting on my bed. I thanked Him for not allowing anything or anyone to become any more damaged than what had happened. And then the epipahny moment came...I thanked Him for the wonderful life He gave me and all the challenges He has presented to me. Then I finally asked Him to help me get through these challenges, that I realized I can not do it on my own!

See, our relationship with God has some give like those old boards. You can bend it here and there a little bit, but not too much becuase when you do, it stresses out the joints and the little hooks that link us to God begin to break. Keep it up for too long and SNAP! Those joints break and your support fails and down you go. I'm not saying God won't pick up back up...but you have to be ready. You have to ask for His help sometimes.

Just a few minutes ago, my dad and I found the parts to my parent's old bed and decided to use them to build the bed back up to and make it strong again. These supports are metal and are much, much stonger. There is little give, if any, and I doubt I'll be waking up, falling through these! And, I've still got the old head and foot boards.

That's what happens when you ask God for help. Your supports get stronger and He lends you His strength to get you through. So take a moment now and ask God for help in getting you through the tough stuff going on in your life. Let him take the weak supports out and put in His much stronger ones!